A true product of the underground, Friar Tuck is equally at home serving wicked funky beats to the dancefloor and bending the minds of chill room revelers with sultry downtempo atmosphere. Following a journey from the mid ’90′s Baltimore rave scene to Los Angeles desert parties and now the Brooklyn Burner loft scene, Tuck has developed a love of all things funky, quirky, and innovative.

With his fellow Baltimore DJ crew, he began exploring a wide range of genres, from jungle to trip hop, acid house to ambient, funky breaks to lounge. This mastery of many styles served him well after moving to LA, where he found many loving crowds both on the dance floor and in the chill room, building up a reputation as a master of wicked funk with eclectic taste and solid mixing skills. Years of spinning at desert parties, mountain gatherings, and warehouse throwdowns for a number of home grown crews (Basswerks, Lemonade, Stargaze, Stormriders & Integral Gathering to name a few) have honed the Good Friar’s skills as a servant of the crowd – always feeling and feeding off the energy, but never pandering. Creative and masterful, blending tracks with vastly different rhythmic structures to create uniquely catchy, intricate patterns, but also responsive, warming to the mood of a room like sunshine. His move to Brooklyn in 2004 brought about a fresh opportunity to fuse West Coast funk and innovation with East Coast edge and grit. Through his affiliations with the New York Burning Man community and Disorient, Friar Tuck has shown a new audience of revelers just how funky the floor can be.

Not one to discriminate, Friar Tuck has also been a fierce champion of downtempo, providing the sexy sonic atmosphere for some of the East Coast’s most delectable chill rooms. Get lost in the deep beats and layered grooves, only to find yourself in warm melody and catchy hooks. Feel the darkness, see the light, say your prayers, and get ready for something different!